On 16 April 2008, an informal workshop on flexibility to achieve MS Renewable Energy targets took place following the 5th Workshop of the International Feed-In-Cooperation in Brussels to discuss in detail the consequences of the GoO-trade-concept of the draft directive for renewable energies. Presentations are available below.

Overview of the economic aspects

Paul Wilson
BERR, United Kingdom

Legal impacts of free trade with GOs on operator level (persons)

Jaques Lengyel  
Ministry for environment, sustainable development and spatial planning, France
Karina Veum
European Commission
Martin Schöpe, Nina Neumann
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany

Scope of GO, Different Nature of the “GO”

Ron van Erck
Ministry for Economy, Netherlands 
Dietmar Preinstorfer
Energie-Control, Austria

Flexibility mechanisms – Possibilities and consequences

Tom Howes
European Commission

Possible alternatives to COM Proposal

Hugo Lucas Porta
IDAE, Spain
Mariusz Kawnik
Ministry of Economy, Poland