Recent experiences with Feed-In Tariff Systems in the EU - A research paper for the International Feed-In Cooperation, 2012

This short paper analyses recent experiences with Feed-In Systems in the EU. With Feed-In Systems being the most common support scheme for renewable energy sources in the EU, the paper shows the connection between the existence of a Feed-In System and the installation of and electricity generation from renewable capacities. The vast majority of installed capacity and electricity generation is located in those countries that apply Feed-In Schemes. The paper also shows how different countries use design elements to decrease RES-E generation costs, manage support expenditures and improve system and market integration. Furthermore, examples for Feed-In Systems in combination or as supplement to other support are presented.
Recent developments of feed-in systems in the EU - A research paper for the International Feed-In Cooperation

Evaluating different feed-in tariff design options - Best Practice Paper for the International Feed-In Cooperation, 2010

This report is written with the goal to describe and analyse the feed-in tariff designs applied in the Member States of the European Union. Innovative design options to reduce the electricity generation costs as well as the costs for society are presented and investigated. Furthermore the questions of distributing the costs of RES-E support and how to improve the integration of RES-E into the electricity grid are covered. Best practice examples are analysed and their consequences for RES-E generators and electricity consumers are described. Before the different feed-in tariff designs are illustrated, renewable energy sources are defined and the development of RES-E generation in Europe is outlined. Furthermore the International Feed-in Cooperation is described. This paper is not exhaustive, but it intends to show the wide range of different feed-in tariff designs applied in the European Union.
Best practice paper

Feed-in systems in Germany, Spain and Slovenia - Updated comparison,2010

The report comparing the feed-in systems in Germany and Spain, that was elaborated in preparation for the first workshop of the International Feed-in Cooperation has been updated. The new version includes details about the Slovenian feed-in system as well as recent changes in Spanish legislation.
Comparison of FIT-systems in DE, ES and SL

Monitoring and evaluation of policy instruments to support renewable electricity in EU Member States, 2006

In the report of the research project "Monitoring and evaluation of policy instruments to support renewable electricity in EU Member States" different policy schemes for the promotion of renewable energies in the electricity market are analysed. This analysis carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research (Germany) and the Energy Economics Group at TU Vienna (Austria) compares the effectiveness and economic efficiency of support policies in selected Member States of the EU. In addition, effects of optimised national policies, cross-national coordinated policies and harmonisation are evaluated. 
Final report - Monitoring of policy instruments - English
Summary - Monitoring of policy instruments - English
Summary - Monitoring of policy instrument - German

Indicators assessing the performance of renewable energy support policies in 27 member states, 2011

This study, which was conducted under the EU-funded project "RE-Shaping: Shaping an effective and efficient European renewable energy market", evaluates the EU Member States' support policies for renewables in the electricity, heat and transport sectors.
D17 report 2011