Feed-in Tariff

Evaluating different feed-in tariff design options – Best Practice Paper for the International Feed-In Cooperation
This report is written with the goal to describe and analyse the feed-in tariff designs applied in the Member States of the European Union. Innovative design options to reduce the electricity generation costs as well as the costs for society are presented and investigated. Furthermore the questions of distributing the costs of RES-E support and how to improve the integration of RES-E into the electricity grid are covered. Best practice examples are analysed and their consequences for RES-E generators and electricity consumers are described. Before the different feed-in tariff designs are illustrated, renewable energy sources are defined and the development of RES-E generation in Europe is outlined. Furthermore the International Feed-in Cooperation is described. This paper is not exhaustive, but it intends to show the wide range of different feed-in tariff designs applied in the European Union.

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